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The burnout

Year after year, burnout rates are rising alarmingly. This is not only true among older workers; the percentage increase is even higher among millennials. Quite a few misconceptions circulate about the causes of burnout: it is a consequence of too high a workload, of the boundary between work and private life disappearing, only perfectionists fall prey to it... In all the stories Gert Braeken listened to professionally, he recognised a common denominator: when people are not respected by others in their personal values and they lack the skills to respond to this appropriately, there is a real chance that they will develop burnout symptoms.

In The Burnout Vaccine, he makes his thesis clear using testimonies, experience, facts and scientific research and sets out to find a vaccine. It turns out that certain personality types are more prone to it than others, but also that that science, greater self-insight and certain skills such as engaged confrontation can arm you against burnout.

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Gert Braeken is a psychologist with more than 30 years' experience in hr consulting. Over the years, he has screened, coached or trained more than 4,000 people, allowing him to quickly recognise patterns in their functioning and to properly assess their competences, talents, values and preferences. The burnout vaccine was born out of a genuine concern to help people with burnout symptoms as well as provide companies with the right prevention tools to increase well-being in the workplace.

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