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The burnout

An innovative, efficient method
to prevent or tackle burnout


Gert Braeken is a psychologist with over 30 years of experience in HR consultancy. Over the years, he has screened, coached or trained more than 4000 people, enabling him to quickly recognize patterns in their functioning and to properly assess their competencies, talents, values and preferences. His book arose from his annoyance about all the misconceptions about burnout, a genuine concern to help people with burnout symptoms and to provide companies with the right prevention tools to increase well-being in the workplace.

Het vaccin


In collaboration with my fellow coaches Anna and Dorian, I have developed a vaccine, a basic training with two shots, which can set employees at home and in organizations on the way to lower the risks of getting a burnout. In the proposed approach, we combine elements from Marshall Rosenberg's nonviolent communication with cognitive behavioral therapy, and provide an introduction to physical exercises. Important to know: this approach also has a healing effect when you are already in a burnout or already experiencing strong symptoms. It helps you step by step to regain control over your life, so that you can put yourself back in the driver's seat and actively manage your own energy. Three major underlying processes can be found in the vaccine:
  • Raising awareness of yourself in all your facets.
  • Using tools and strategies to learn to deal with the existing situation or blockage differently.
  • Develop confidence and courage to get started. 

Employee training

A training of two half days, flexible to schedule, during which we vaccinate employees against Burn-out 

A training of two half days, which can be scheduled flexibly, during which we vaccinate coaches, managers and board members against Burnout and provide them with tools to manage their employees and organizations.

Training coaches / managers / directors.

'Burnout vaccine'

From September 2022, we will go on the road with the Burnout Vaccine. A book presentation, strategic workshop, panel discussion, lecture... All this we are happy to tailor to your organisation.

Team Workshop values

A Half-day workshop to get to know each other in a safe and playful way, to intensify cooperation. By using Schwartz's value system, participants learn to be more vulnerable.

Value based 360 Development Center

Individual development center of two half days, in which three elements are combined:

Half a day

Development center with two business cases: Strategy and people management. You get an overview of the two most important management competencies

Half a day

  • Values orientation: based on Schwartz's European values research, you map out your personal values framework

  • 360 feedback: Through an anonymous competency-based survey of different groups of colleagues, you receive valuable and rich feedback

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