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A training of two half days, flexible to schedule, in which we vaccinate coaches, managers and board members against Burnout and provide them with tools to manage their employees and organizations, based on 3 pillars:

  • Education what Bo* is and who is susceptible to it

  • Raising awareness about your own motivations, temperaments and values, and those of your team. Set up a system to integrate this knowledge into existing policy.

  • Teach self-regulation and Learn to “confront involuntarily based on your values”. Further attune the training and education policy to structural prevention



For every coach, manager and every board member who wants to better understand the phenomenon of burnout, in order to structurally propose an approach that can sustainably arm the organization against the long-term loss of employees.


  • Your own Bo* barometer, with which you can screen yourself and others for Bo* signals

  • Insight into one's own sensitivity to Bo*, through awareness of one's own motives, temperaments and values

  • A set of skills to prevent Bo* and support others 

  • Tools for setting up a policy that helps prevent long-term absences.


On the basis of concrete examples, participants experience what Bo* means, both for their mindset and for their body. Step by step they learn to discover the connection between your own temperament and your own values and the relationship with your environment. In this way, coaches, managers and board members learn to set up a policy that helps to use the knowledge gained systematically. In this way, the prevention policy is given more shape and it is possible to focus more on the essentials in order to prevent long-term absences. In addition to this self-knowledge, the participant learns to manage himself effectively and is taught skills to stand up for himself and for his values.

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