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Team Workshop values



A half-day workshop to get to know each other better in a safe and playful way, to intensify cooperation. By using Schwartz's value system, participants learn to be more vulnerable.


  • Teams that want to evolve to the next level, or that have fallen into a doldrums, where cooperation is made more difficult by mutual strife, mutual competitiveness or lack of trust.

  • Newly formed teams that want to get off to a flying start. By getting to know each other's values, they know more quickly what they find important, so that they can also take this into account in their mutual cooperation.


  • A common vocabulary to really communicate with each other

  • Improved collaboration, the awkward discussions have been addressed and discussed

  • Increased productivity, a context of trust and increased psychological safety leads to more courage and a stronger creative capacity.


By exploring each other's values, we bring team members closer together. Schwartz's scientifically based values-orientation questionnaire puts the participants on the right track. By working in different duos and small groups, each participant gets the chance to get to know the others in a safe way. By learning to be vulnerable towards each other, trust grows and cooperation can become more intense. This trust also increases the creative power of the team, ultimately resulting in improving productivity.

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