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Value-based 360° 
Development Center



Individual development center of two half days, in which three elements are


Half a day

  • Development center with two business cases: strategy and people management

  • You get an overview of the two most important management competencies


Half a day

  • Values orientation: based on Schwartz's European values research, you map out your personal values framework

  • 360 feedback: Through an anonymous competency-based survey of various groups of colleagues, you receive valuable and rich feedback




For managers at the crossroads of their careers, who want to develop further and who are willing to look a little deeper below the surface at their own performance.

For future board members who want to take the next step in their career by better unlocking their strategic capabilities, learning to coach more efficiently and effectively and increasing their impact.


  • An overall picture of your own profile, which offers a starting point for further development.

  • Supportive trajectory from competent manager to inspiring leader Adding the improved version of who you want to be and what you want to mean as a manager and/or board member.


In the first half day you will receive an objective meeting of where you stand in terms of strategic thinking and acting, and your people management skills. Through immediate feedback and targeted tips, you can immediately get started to try out what you have learned in your work environment.

The second half day requires more preparation. You fill in the values-orientation questionnaire yourself beforehand, based on the theory of Schwartz (30'). A few weeks in advance, we organize a competency-based 360 survey. You will see this realistic information clearly. Both reports (values & 360) are discussed, where the participant is invited to integrate the whole, choose development themes and determine priorities in his/her development plan.

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